" No todos los deseos son iguales dentro de los sonidos que hacen eco en un pozo "

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" No todos los deseos son iguales dentro de los sonidos que hacen eco en un pozo "

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Un frágil anciano de piel curtida está sentado ante una mesa de madera rústica, bajo una lona de tela roída. Una furiosa cascada de gotas de lluvia afiladas como navajas golpean la choza de hojalata a su alrededor. sits at a rustic wooden table, under a tattered fabric tarp. A raging cascade of razor-sharp raindrops beats the tin hut around him.

El anciano cuyo nombre es El Señor Ensueño, se desplaza hacia un ensueño de pensamiento profundo bajo el sonido percutido de la hojalata.

Ensueño inscribes in his Diario, old parchment pages with worn shredded corners soaked, bleeding of ink. With his cracked craggy hands he charts in Goth-style drawings and notes, his death tale.

To cheat death is to cheat life itself. My story, best heard after tossing a wishing stone in the ‘Well of Ceiba’. And while you sleep you will dream of a tale of how I did just that.

My words are not to prepare you for death but to prepare you for life. A life in an endless loop of immortality wished by many, who seek it in the well.

But this is a cautionary tale, for the price of immortality is the risk of spending eternity as a fiend monster, for there are no cheats without consequences.


Journey through a dreamscape of magnificent roaming lands & magical trees to make your dreamstory a reality


Land moves around the continents and contains the trees


Explore and interact with the surroundings. Where much of the game happens


A GOTHIE is the central character in each player's dreamscape


The character you play who works with Gothies to defeat the monsters

3 level Parkpass Mint


to be released June 18th

ParkPass Mint


to be released June 18th

Gothies ParkPass NFT
Bazinga All-Access ParkPass NFT
Bazinga Diamond ParkPass NFT

GOTHIES is headlined by experts in their fields



Creator of Gothies


I went to bed last night at age six and woke up this morning as an adult.

Often I speak about the hourglass of my life. Certainly, I now have more sand on the bottom than at the top, but that’s how it goes. We all have limited time regardless of who we are.

Do you know why the most precious grains of sand are at the top of your hourglass? It is because they are so few. Each one left needs to matter before they are all gone, and once they are gone, you are gone.

No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to see how much sand is left. No amount of money, prayer, or love for life can add grains. But lust, greed, fear, and anxiety can eat them up, drain them faster. The mystery of life has always been: How much can I do with the time I have?

I have worked as a creative leader across the entertainment industry for decades, on TV animation, films, theme parks, and AAA games. I’ve been lucky to help create some of the world’s most iconic properties. My philosophy is that fantastic visual art and design are the foundations of truly original storytelling.

With Gothies, I invite you to visit the place where the sand came from. Nestled in a universe that exists between wakefulness and what lies beyond.


Chief Executive Officer


Colin has worked in technology and startups since 1998. He’s currently on his 15th startup. As well, he does corporate turnarounds for Private Equity as a Chief Information Officer.


Music Director


Rodrigo is a classically trained composer and musician who specializes in orchestral music, chamber music, tango, latin american instruments, and music for film, theater, and games.

Rodrigo’s original projects include music for the plays “Una Historia del Diablo” and “El Gato, El Tiempo y la Otredad”; the art films “Luciana” and “El Aire es Dulce Aquí”, and the Opera “The Little Prince”.




Rosie Sparkes

Community Collaborations Manager


Greg Robinson

Administration & Community Manager


Savannah Joy

Editor in Chief


Robert Blomberg

Discord Developer & Administrator