Gaming Property GOTHIES changes Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain Gaming and NFT Communities Fundamentally Altered With Entrance of Innovative Gaming Property GOTHIES.

One-dimensional NFTs are facing a new challenge as consumers demand more. Bazinga Games has launched GOTHIES, resetting blockchain gaming expectations and bringing utility to a whole new level.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 1, 2022)The secret to immortality has been discovered, but the chance to live forever is fraught with risk. The well of Ceiba has been found, and with it, the secrets of the underworld of The God of The Well, Shibal, have been unleashed unto the world. Meedlan, the destination for players who choose to undertake this journey, is home to Gothies, the shepherds of the tormented souls that dwell there. Players enter the game as Streya, who collect Gothies to explore mysteries of the underworld, guide fiend monsters to the afterlife, build vast new settings, and fend off monsters who are the source of nightmares.

GOTHIES blends music and art to create a truly one-of-a-kind, best in class experience in the gaming space. GOTHIES art will be showcased during the company’s “Meet Maurice” event scheduled for 10am EDT on April 2, 2022. This event promises to show the world how Gothies and Gothielands are made, and a special minting announcement will be made by the creator himself during the event. 

The creator of GOTHIES is the incomparable Maurice ‘Skip’ Kimball, whose credits include CG Art Director on Disneys Plus’ Monsters at Work, former Creative Director/Co-Founder of Atomhawk Design Vancouver, and an Art Director of a number of AAA games like PROTOTYPE. Maurice is a creative leader across multiple entertainment industries, including television animation, film, theme parks, and games. Now his vision has inspired the vast world of GOTHIES. Maurice will be introduced to the community on April 2, 2022 during a live event on

Maurice’s vision is being executed by Co-founder and Head of Bazinga Games, Colin Osburn, a business visionary who is an entrepreneur and currently specializes in corporate technology strategy as a CIO. Colin is joined by CTO Eric Anderson, who brings an accomplished profile as engineer of high-level gaming entities, including the Myst franchise and Project Spark. Eric is reunited with Head of Gaming Alejandro Games, who also worked on Project Spark and has built an impressive track record of gaming properties.

Regarding the Bazinga Games team, Colin Osburn stated, “The team is world-class. With the sheer volume of gaming knowledge, technical expertise, as well as a full team of developers, product and project managers coupled with our own economist and world class composer Rodrigo Favela. You won’t find a more equipped team to include all aspects of on-chain gaming, art direction or music creation in the web3 space.”

Bold and pioneering gamers can join GOTHIES and learn more via, Twitch, Discord and Twitter. NFT minting will be announced by Osburn on April 2, with further mints in Q2 and Q3 2022. Gameplay is expected to be released in Q3 and Q4 2022. Additional assets, including a crossover into the physical space, merchandise, as well as digital airdrops are forthcoming in 2023 and will be detailed in the coming weeks and months.

About Bazinga Games

Bazinga Games is a sustainable Web3 gaming platform, network and community ecosystem dedicated to the production of multiple interconnected AAA gaming and entertainment properties. The Bazinga team includes industry experts and creative geniuses with decades of experience ensuring the vision will be realized and enjoyed by millions. 

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