Choose your way to play!
Gothies is a tower defense deckbuilder card game.
Conquer friends, or play together, in a magical underworld.

The GOTHIES is a unique deck-building card game that can be played as either a head-to-head competition or a solitaire/cooperative tower defence game. Each box is ready to play for 1-2 people, get two and play up to 4!

Download the GOTHIES Rules PDF

Our game design draws from the best practices in multiple genres, including some of the best selling tower defence games and wholly contained card-based combat games to bring the ultimate in flexible game play, even in a solitary setting. The real risk to the project is due to global supply chain issues that have eased as of late, but are still causing delays and additional expense across the globe. To help us in this, we have enlisted the assistance of Fulfillment by Amazon to ensure logistically, the game will arrive with minimal tax and shipping expense.

Print & Play Test Version

As long as you’re in our discord membership, we will gladly give Gothie-Points and more for quality feedback on the game.

Here are the complete rules and printable cards in PDF format (right-click and Save As…):




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